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Tel) 031-946-8551 

Paju-si tanhyun-myun buphueng-ri

The largest art village in Korea, it’s area is approximately 495,868m². 

It was planned since 1994 with the launch in 1997 with 370 art and culture personages as members. 

The valley was named after a traditional folk song called “Heyri sound” originating in Kyunggi Paju area.

The valley has numerous galleries, museums, exhibit halls, performance stages, theaters, 

cafes, restaurants, book stores, guest houses, art shops, as well as domiciles for artists. 

All the buildings were made by dozens of famous architects from around the world, 

and were designed with an eye for enhancing the natural surroundings such as hills, valleys, and swamps and streams. 


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